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You know what’s the main problem with the Israeli METAL scene? There are not enough people at live shows. And you know why there are not enough people at live shows? Because they are not informed when events take place and where… and because they are all assholes! While solving the second thing is difficult, the first problem has an easy solution: MET AL METAL’s events calender – with all the METAL shows you must know about!!!
Want To Advertise An Event?!

If you want to publish your event at MET AL METAL, you have come to the right place! All you have to do is send an email to events [at] metalmetal.co.il with a graphic file and a few details, and we will decide if you are worthy enough!

Since this page is intended to support the local METAL scene, we encourage you to give us back some appreciation by using our logo on your event’s graphic material [Download Our Logo]… Leading experts found that MET AL METAL’s logo adds luxury to any event and attracts many hot chicks and wildlife in general.

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